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These are some of the clients we have already developed sites for.

Ideal Overseas Property (www.idealoverseasproperty.com)

Overseas Property

Ideal Overseas Property offer a service for those wishing to buy property abroad.

They wanted a site which would enable visitors to search, view and print details of property in their chosen specification, from the many thousands available. These properties are stored within a database or are linked to via XML feeds directly from designated developers. An important factor was for the client to have the ability to update and maintain the site themselves without having to pay out huge sums for the regular changes to the site with the addition and removal of properties and therefore a fully featured CRM package is included.

Other child sites are



Ideal Overseas Property Ideal Overseas Property

Store It Direct - Shop (www.storeitdirect-shop.co.uk)

Storage, Shelving, Racking

Storeitdirect-shop.co.uk provide storage solutions such as Shelving, Racking, Lockers etc

They had an existing online presence but wanted a complete overhaul of the existing site and to maintain a corporate identity with it's sister site www.vanstorage-shop.co.uk . The StoreItDirect range of products is avaiable via a catalogue in a traditional mail order format and the client wanted to duplicate this on-line through links to individual PDF pages and large thumnails.


Commercial Storage Storage and Shelving

Jill Sharrock Garden Design (www.jsgardendesign)

Garden Design

Jill Sharrock Garden Design provides a complete garden design service in the Staffordshire and surrounding area

Here the requirement was for a simple site that enabled the client sell her Garden Design service and provide portfolio views of some of her work todate.


Garden Design Garden Design

BE Update (www.beupdate.co.uk)

Australian Visa Time Lines

BEUpdate.co.uk provides a service to those applying for residency visas for Australia

Applying for an Australian visa is a lengthy and frustrating process. Therefore to help give these applicants a light at the end of the tunnel this site was set up so that people could update the progress of there own visa applications to help other applicants see the likely time frames from one stage to another.

The site is fully database driven requiring very little interaction by the site administrators, additionally it features google adds and affiliate marketing tarketed at the applicants future needs. This site gets 13,000+ hits per month



Australian Visa Time Lines Australian Visa Time Lines

Van Storage - Shop (www.vanstorage-shop.co.uk)

Van Storage

Vanstorage-shop.co.uk provide accessories such as Roof Racks, Ladders, Ply lining, Bulk Heads etc

They had an existing online presence through an OS Commerce based ecommerce solution. However they wanted something that was much more flexible and customisable as well as a complete image overhaul.

The site featuring a fully functional administration area the client can update and add new products, upload photographs and images, as well as create client trade accounts, all without having to understand the complexities of web page or database design



Van Storage Van Storage

Hotels4Families (www.hotels4families.co.uk)

Hotels 4 Families

Hotels4Families offer a hotel accomodation facility taylored towards families with children.

Their requirments were for a dynamic database powered site that linked to various hotel chains to provide the pricing and availabilty of hotel rooms suitable for a family.

The site featuring a fully functional administration area the client can update hotel descriptions and news items instantly, as well as uploading photographs and images, all without having to understand the complexities of web page or database design



Hotels 4 Families Hotels 4 Families

Cleanex Chemical Solutions (www.cleanexchem.co.uk)

Cleanex Chemical Solutions

Cleanex Chemical Solutions Ltd specialise in industrial cleaning chemical products. They wanted a site which integrated with their existing contract cleaning business and maintain their corporate image.

They believe that a website acts as a great sales and marketing tool for companies interested in their product. The website now enables them to give fully detailed product and safety information via downloadable PDFs.



Cleanex Chemical Solutions Cleanex Chemical Solutions

Property Matters Overseas (www.propertymattersoverseas.com)

Property Matters Overseas

Property Matters Overseas offer a complete home buying service for those wishing to purchase 2nd homes or investment properties abroad, they specialise in buying property in Morocco and in buying property in Egypt amongst many others.

Their requirments were for a dynamic site powered by a customised database which would enable potential buyers to search and view many thousands of different overseas properties in over 12 different countries

Featuring a fully functional administration area the client can update the properties and webpage text themselves at anytime without any knowledge of web building.



Property Matters Overseas Property Matters Overseas

Function Room (www.functionroom.net)


www.functionroom.net operate a website that shows vistors available function rooms & wedding venues in their area.

The site was already up and running, however they wanted increased functionality which was to include linking the visitor to available hotel rooms in the area of the chosen function room. We integrated functionrooms existing database with that of hotel company laterooms and provided a fully functional hotel search and booking facility seamlessly within the existing functionroom site


www.functionroom.net www.functionroom.net

Gites With Class (www.giteswithclass.com)

Gites WIth Class

Gites with Class.comare a holiday letting company, with several villa's based in south western France.

They required a dynamic site which would show off each of their properties and enable visitors to make bookings.

The interactive calendar and booking form capture information from clients to ensure that the correct information is inserted into the booking form and holiday deposits are automatically calculated.



Gites With Class Gites with Class

theinkbox.com (www.theinkbox.com)

theinkbox.com had already had some experience in building web sites, however they wanted to extend their mail order ink cartridge business further by offering their products for sale online. They offer the full range of inkcartridges for the following makes of printer.

  • Epson Ink Cartridges
  • HP Ink Cartridges
  • Canon Ink Cartridges
  • Lexmark Ink Cartridges
  • Brother Ink Cartridges
  • They wanted an online shop, which would have the look and feel of their existing mail order image. Principally the shop needed to be easy to buy items from and offer secure payment facilities via credit/debit card.


    Cleanex Contract Services Ltd (www.cleanexcontractservices.com)

    Cleanex Contract Services Ltd are a specialist industrial cleaning company. They wanted a site which followed through and worked with their company image and marketing material.

    They full believe that more and more business is conducted after being found and investigated via the internet. Their website now enables them to hghlight the business areas taht they excel at and provides potenial customers with the reasuance that Cleanex Contract Services Ltd are a long established company that has been built on excellent recommendation.


    Modular Building Solutions Ltd (www.modularbuild.co.uk)

    Modular Building Solutions Ltd offer a full design service for single cabin and modular buildings. Being a national company they could see the requirement for a webite to help give them a country wide presence.

    Their website now enables them to showcase past projects to give potential new clients the comfort and reasuance that Modular Building Solutions Ltd are more than capable to undertake andy type of modular building work.


    Prestige Floor Care (www.prestigefloorcare.co.uk)

    Prestige Floor Care

    Prestife Floor Care have been expanding rapidly and felt that it was time to have a dedicated website which would provide a consistant comapny profile on the internet to compliment their existing forms of advertising and promotion.


    Prestige Floor CarePrestige Floor Care


    3000 3D Ltd (www.30003d.com)

    3000 3D are a point of sale design company based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. They had always seen the benefit of having their own web site however initial quotes put them off the idea.

    After being approached by W3-IT they realised they had nothing to lose as the site would only cost them hundreds and not thousands.

    They now use their site as part of their marketing drive for new business as they can show potential new customers work that they have done before, covering all ranges of point of purchase design.


    Dow Communications (www.dowcoms.com)

    Dow Communications

    Dow Communications a Mobile & Telecommunications company wanted a very simple approach, they wanted only the one web page which would give potential customers the key product headlines with different means of contact.(email , telephone, postal address)


    Dow Communications

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